Karma & “Common Elements-only” Condominium Corporations

+ad maiorem gloriam Dei
World-wide change will only happen when we learn to be able to work from within a system to bring about change and that time and again history has shown us that a brute-force revolutionary approach resulting in a shock to the system makes, well, history repeat itself and is due to the adversarial nature rather than pervasive grass roots change…

We post meme-upon-meme saying we define insanity as trying the same thing over and over again in the same situations expecting different outcomes but we address revolutionary change the same way time and again–probably due to Pride of an individual motivating the change to need to happen within one lifetime whereas pervasive change probably needs to transcend a lifetime.

We also say that we observe Karma to transcend a lifetime and to have a dual nature of teaching us through consequence and balancing out the universe, yet we act as if we think it doesn’t apply to us or that we can manipulate our intentions and actions to get what we want”for free,” especially if they’re not right to want…

I like the progressive legislation in Ontario leveraging the characteristic of condominium corporations to eschew the concept of *limited liability* in “common elements-only condominium corporations,” which opens the door to allow investors to be willing to expose themselves to liability (ie to take responsibility for their actions and decisions) which Karma tells us Must make that investor, able to and willing to be sued for a decision or investment–more successful than one depending on insulation from liability on the material world only.

Let that sink in… And wonder how many business people in the entire world have realized this yet….

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